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V-Lab - the Model Workshop

V-lab is AAU CPH's workshop supporting educations and student projects. Here you can build your models and prototypes for your study. You are welcome to come by and get help to build your models or prototypes in wood, cardboard, metal, plastic, foam or related materials. With the tools and machines provided, we are able to build almost anything.
It is hovever always important that you get instruction before using machines that are new to you. 

The V-Lab consists of different sub-labs specialized for computer aided machines (former FabLab), wood processing and metal processing.

Depending on the instructions received you will get access to the different sub-labs and your student keycard will be opened to the corresponding rooms. An open door though still just allows you to use the machines you have received instructions for and no others. Please come by int he office-hours if you are interested in getting access to more of the machines we have.

The different courses and instruktions available can be found on following page:


Opening hours and location

The lab is generally supervised Monday to Friday from kl. 10-16. See details below. Normal Weekly Timetable:

Monday: Tim (Kl.10-17) & Lotte (Kl.9-16)

Tuesday: Lotte (Kl.10-15) 

Wednesday: Lotte (Kl.10-15) & Tim & Jonas (Kl.10-17)

Thursday: Lotte (Kl.10-15)

Friday: Tim (Kl.10-17)



After attending the Safety Introduction, to get access to the V-Lab everyone has to take the V-Lab general instruction. Afterwards, you are welcome to attend the instructions for the more complicated machines or specialization courses.

If you choose a timeslot, you are reserving a place. As most of the instructions are limited, it is important to attend, as the place otherwise is wasted for others. If something unforeseen happens, we are happy to receive an e-mail.

To sign up for courses use our registration system.

Registration system


Materials & payment

We provide materials which are sold at purchase prices in order to keep a stock available for the future. If you need additional material you are welcome to contact us.

The prices are calculated by size or weight and are paid using MobilePay.



The lab is physically located on the ground floor in AAU-CPH building B, at Frederikskaj 12, 2450 Kbh SV. You can access the lab through the door to the left of the fountain at the center of the building. The lab is well hidden, so you will have to pass under the staircase and move to the right through the corridor to the door labeled "V-Lab + FabLab".

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Further contact information and rules of conduct are found after the links to lab instructions.

Contact for general requests

mail: v-lab@plan.aau.dk

phone: +45 93562200


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