V-Lab - the Model Workshop

V-lab is AAU CPH's workshop supporting student projects from a diverse array of educations at AAU. Here you can construct scalemodels or models in full scale and build and test prototypes for your projects. You are always welcome to come by and get advice on how to build your models or prototypes in wood, cardboard, metal, plastic, foam or other related materials. With the tools and machines provided in the workshop, we are able to build almost anything. It is hovever important that you always get an instruction from the staff BEFORE using machines or materials that are new to you. ALWAYS ask for permission before you begin a new project and always clean up after yourself. Also mark your projects with your full name, mail-adress & phonenumber.

The V-Lab consists of different sub-labs specialized for wood processing, metal processing and computer aided machines (former FabLab). Some of the machines have relocated during the summer, so remember to ASK for help on how to use them now. Even though the machines might be the same, some of them have now been upgraded and others connected to the ventilation-system in a different way than before. IT IS CRITICAL to keep the V-Lab workshop running, that this is respected. The cost of using the machines such as Lasercutter and 3D-printers will be negotiated this year.

Depending on the instructions received you will get access to the different sub-labs and your student keycard will be opened to the corresponding rooms. An open door though still just allows you to use the machines you have received instructions for and NO others. Please come by in the office-hours if you are interested in getting access to more of the machines we have.

The different courses and instructions available can be found on the following page:


Opening hours and location

V-Lab is located in the base-level of Frederikskaj 12 (Building B).
The lab is (generally) supervised Monday to Friday from kl. 10-16.

N.B.  Limited (or no) staff in 2020 week 7+8 because of vacation.

Somedays Ehsan Esmaeilzadeh (workshop coordinator) are assisted or substituted by the workshop-assistants. If you need to talk to Ehsan about your project book an apointment. See contact information in the Staff-section to the right on this page.

Feel free to drop by V-Lab at any time with individual questions. You might "risk" we are busy-busy, but give it a shot, we all enjoy helping you out. Always come prepared with a sketch or drawing, which communicate your problem or idea. It makes for a much better understanding and takes up less time than trying to communicate with words alone.

If you would like access to the workshop outside of the office-hours or in the weekend, you need to attend a safetylecture (3 hours) hosted by Ehsan Esmaeilzadeh (in the beginning of each semester) AND ask your supervisor from your department/education to reach out to us and arrange for a formal Hands-On V-Lab-class. Attending the safetylecture AND completing a Hands-On-class are both mandatory to get access outside of office-hours.

All materials must be paid using MobilePay. 76128 - This include "scrap-materials" and "reclaimed" materials.

The calender-view below is a test showing an online-"mirror" of the info-screen in V-Lab. - It's not fully working.

Staff office hours:

Planned courses in V-Lab (avoid theese days for individual work):



After attending the SafetyLecture, to get access to V-Lab everyone has to complete a Hands-On  V-Lab general instruction. After completion, you are welcome to attend the instructions for the more complicated machines or specialization courses.

If you choose a timeslot, you are reserving a place. As most of the instructions are limited, it is important to attend, as the place otherwise is wasted for others. If something unforeseen happens remember to "Sign-off" to free-up your space. We are also happy to receive an e-mail, but you are the only one responsable for "Signing-off".

To sign up (or sign off) courses use our registration system which can be found via the link below. Use smartphone or a PC.

Registration system

Materials & payment

We provide materials which are sold at purchase prices in order to keep a stock available for the future. If you need additional material you are welcome to contact us.

The prices are calculated by size or weight and are paid using MobilePay.


Rules of conduct

All users of V-lab must read and abide by the following rules. UPDATED 18. SEPT. 2019: 

Historic documents (2015-2018) kept here for reference only (might be deleted without prior notice):

Rules for V-lab and computer aided machines | Regler for arbejde i V-lab og computer understøttede maskiner

Rules for working in AAU wood and metal workshops | Regler for AAU´s træ og metal værksteder

Accidents and injuries | Ulykker & nærulykker


The lab is physically located on the ground floor in AAU-CPH building B, at Frederikskaj 12, 2450 Kbh SV. You can access the lab through the door to the left of the fountain at the center of the building. You will have to pass under the staircase to the left of "Vandtorvet" and then imidiately turn right through a narrow corridor to the door labeled "V-Lab + FabLab".

Internal AAU building map
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Further contact information and rules of conduct are found after the links to lab instructions.

Contact for general requests

mail: v-lab@plan.aau.dk
phone: +45 93562200

Aalborg Universitet
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 København SV 

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