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Disruption To E-Lab Services

We regret that, due to major re-fitting, E-Lab will be closed, with no student-card access, until further notice. Students in urgent need of assistance and or lab facilities should e-mail Jesper or Peter and we will attempt to accomodate them.

Students scheduled to use E-lab this semester for coursework and or workshops will be able to use the lab regardless of whether the recently postponed General Safety Lecture has taken place or not.

E-Lab - The Electronics Laboratory

The Electronics laboratory at AAU CPH provides support for specific electronics courses, as well as workshops and individual student projects. In addition to equipment such as oscilloscopes and power supplies, a variety of components, wires, solder and other useful items are available.
Everyone having attended the E-lab General Introductory Course is welcome to use the laboratory.
Important, please note: There are no ordinary tools, test leads or soldering irons readily available in the lab. If you wish to use such items you must book an E-kit, in advance, and pick it up at the booking office. Please note the opening hours and book accordingly.

Booking system

Location and opening hours

E-lab is situated in building B, ground floor, room 0.03

The lab is generally staffed from 9:00-16:00

Look for the sign at Jesper’s office (visible through the main door):

  • GREEN “I’m in”
  • RED “Not present.”  You may leave a message
  • BLUE “Out and around.”  Try calling at 9940 2626
  • PURPLE “Do not disturb”

Peter is normally in as follows: Monday and Tuesday 9:00 – 16:00 & Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00


There are ten sets of instruments distributed around the laboratory, each contain:

  • Oscilloscope with integrated signal generator
  • Dual 0-36V 3A power supply
  • Multimeter
  • Two soldering stations.

Additional instruments such as: Hook-on ammeter, Tachometer, IR-thermometer and data logger can be borrowed by appointment with Jesper or Peter.

Instructional videos have been made for all the instruments, including instruction in the use of a soldering iron. See the menu tutorials on the right hand.

Other equipment includes a Co2 Laser cutter with a 900x1300mm working area and two UP 3D printers. Right now we are building a SMD soldering and reflow facility, along with the necessary safety equipment needed to facilitate our new SLA 3D printer. When completed the relevant introductory courses will be available in the registry system.

Courses & Registration System

Materials & payment

Arduinos, various sensors and other more advanced components are available purchase. All payments must be made with MOBILE PAY


Contact for general requests