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Jesper M.A. Greve

A trained electronics technician and electrician, Jesper formerly worked as manager of the Electro Mechanical Workshop and at the IHK, the present day DTU Diplom. In the 80’ and 90’ he worked with all kinds of special effects, mainly using electronics and converted industrial equipment. Main area of expertise: Analog electronics, sensors and everything associated with motors, mechanics, amplifiers and vacuum tubes. Not quite old enough to have known William Shockley and Nikola Tesla J

mail: jgr@create.aau.dk

phone: +45 9940 2626


Peter Williams

Peter is a graduate of the SMC masters course at AAU CPH, a professional musician, producer, and developer of novel interaction systems for musical instruments. Peter’s main areas of academic activity center on the development of prototypes and methods for their evaluation via rapid prototyping and fabrication methods and embedded platforms such as Bela, Arduino and Teensy.

mail: peter@create.aau.dk

phone: +45 9940 2499





Tim Nøhr Elkær

Tim has experience in research and teaching from the danish school of design (DKDS & KADK) and also teaches 3D CAD at The School of Performing Arts (Set-Design, Production Design and Scenografi). He has specialized in designpretotyping and digital fabrication, especially when it comes to Computer Aided Ideation (the use of computers in the early stages of design). Read danish abstract at: https://adk.elsevierpure.com/da/publications/computeren-som-medskaber-af-form-og-praksis-en-unders%C3%B8gelse-af-po

Tim is your go-to-guy in V-Lab and the person responsable for coordinating activities in V-Lab with the VIP's.

Designpretotyping’s-credo / dictum: “Be sure you are building the right it, before you build it right”.

mail: tne@plan.aau.dk

phone: +45 9356 2200